The Book

Let’s Explore the Cayman Islands is a culturally relevant, illustrated children’s story book. Children of all ages are taken for an adventure of exploring the Cayman Islands, by traveling through all the districts of Grand Cayman, and flying to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  Along the way, kids will discover delicious foods, historical facts, turtles, caves, pirates, Silver Thatch and Point of Sand.

Each illustration offers bright and engaging scenes in the Cayman Islands that will have the young at heart recalling their own childhood memories, whilst inspiring our younger generations’ curiosity and providing relatable experiences for those living and visiting our islands.

The Author

The author, Taura Ebanks was born and lives in Grand Cayman with a full time job and actively participates in her community through volunteering. Inspired by a childhood of playing on beaches, spending many weekends hunting for naseberry, searching for conch or hermit crabs, Ebanks is delighted that many of these same things done decades ago can still be enjoyed today with her friends and their children. Learn more about the author here

The Illustrator

The illustrator, Simone Scott is an artist from and resides in Cayman Brac with frequent visits to Grand Cayman to further embrace extended family and facilitate art programs through established organizations. Her special talent as an artist combines the use of modern technology with mental snapshots from daily life to create illustrations that are relevant, stimulate engaging discussions and bring the words on the pages meaning and happiness.

Sharing The Story

Find this wonderful story at local book stores in Grand Cayman, such as Book Nook in the Galleria Plaza,  The Cayman Islands National Trust in George Town, NIM Things in Cayman Brac or for international book purchases (Outside of the Cayman Islands), please visit Amazon.com.
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This book will soon be available on all three islands with events to support literacy, education and cultural development with a healthy, positive respect towards the history and daily life in Cayman.

If you would like more details on having this great book on your shelves for customers, please email us.

Let's Explore the Cayman Islands

Author: Taura Ebanks Available online at amazon.com


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